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Team introduction

Our team was formed, in 2018, from a robotics program at our school that brings together students from different classes and ages. In the beginning we were not sure of the name, so we chose “Defenders” based on a group from Marvel, who seek to achieve their goals with teamwork, in the same way that we intend to do. We are also very much looking forward to the opportunity to participate in an international competition, especially in the current circumstances due to quarantine and the pandemic.


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Simulation Demonstration Competition

Following the June 23-25th Workshops, the RoboCupJunior Rescue League and the RoboCup Rescue Simulation League are going to host a simulation demonstration competition virtually. The competition will be run based on the RoboCupJunior Rescue Simulation (Demonstration) Rules 2020*. All teams under 19 years old as of July 1st 2020 are invited to this demonstration competition.

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