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Team N.E.R.D. - 2020 RCJ Rescue Line Documentation Video

Keywords: Line following, Python, Computer Vision, Cameras, Raspberry Pi, MegaPi, C++, Numpy, CV2, InRange, Blur, Grayscale, Serial Communication, Ultrasonic Sensor, IMU, Motor Control, Green Square, Obstacle, Contours, Frame, Relative Positioning, Line, Evacuation Room, Integration, Development Cycle
 Line Junior
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We are team N.E.R.D., made up of Andy, Dhruva, Peter and Srujan.
We go deep into our 2020 RCJ Rescue Line journey.
We went over our influences for our choices.
We discuss how we learned Python and OpenCV functions.
We talk about our use with the camera and how we implemented it.
We describe how we built our hardware and what we took into account.
We explain the sensors we use including the ultrasonic and inertial measurement unit.
We talk about how we accomplished various sectors of the competition, such as Green Square, Obstacle, Line Following, and Evacuation Room.
We go over on how we used both a Raspberry Pi and a Megapi, using serial communication to talk between the boards (motor values).
We describe our integration process, going over the challenges and factors involved.
We talk about the development cycle and how we went through each step during this journey.
We conclude, saying we are sad that quarantine has prevented this competition but are proud of what we have learned and done.
Also, remember to check out the Youtube description to see links to our website and documentation.


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About this virtual event

Virtual Presentation Event

RCJ Rescue would like to hold a virtual presentation event to have some conclusion to the 2020 RoboCupJunior year for rescue Line and rescue Maze. The idea of this virtual event is to have a formal opportunity for teams present their excellent work within the RCJ rescue community in a condensed form, and to have some sense of closure to the year.

Participating teams will create a video about their progress and work, which will be made available for other teams to host discussions and gain inspiration for the future.

While awards cannot be issued by the RoboCup Federation, teams participating will be recognised by the RCJ Rescue TC/OC committees and a range of awards will be given for outstanding presentations.

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