SESI RED HAMMER - RCJ Rescue 2020 Presentation Event

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We are the Red Hammer , a Brazilian robotics team, formed by high school students from the SESI school in Presidente Prudente, São Paulo State. We learned a lot of things during the trainings. Robotics has transformed our lives in countless ways, and this opportunity that SESI has given us was extremely important for our education. We participate on a small regional championships and the state championships, in which we won the 2nd place in both. We reached the national stage, where we won the super teams awards with the team "The life Project Júnior 1", and we also won the Maker award. Our robot has several sensors. Some of them were made by us, such as the line sensor. It was made with the TCRT5000 and the color sensor made with leds and a phototransistors. There are also other sensors, such as the MPU, that measures the rotation and inclination of the robot, allowing the identification of the ramp and making the curves to be executed more accurately. And the ultrasonic sensor, which can measure the distance of objects ahead, used in the detection of obstacles and in the rescue room. We learned at previous competitions that a robot with many wires could be a problem. To get around this problem, we made a double-sided circuit board, making the robot more compact and organized. At the national competition in 2019, we changed the claw and the container. We added two new joints at the claw, it allow thet robot to move the claw at different angles and also separate alived from dead victms.


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About this virtual event

Virtual Presentation Event

RCJ Rescue would like to hold a virtual presentation event to have some conclusion to the 2020 RoboCupJunior year for rescue Line and rescue Maze. The idea of this virtual event is to have a formal opportunity for teams present their excellent work within the RCJ rescue community in a condensed form, and to have some sense of closure to the year.

Participating teams will create a video about their progress and work, which will be made available for other teams to host discussions and gain inspiration for the future.

While awards cannot be issued by the RoboCup Federation, teams participating will be recognised by the RCJ Rescue TC/OC committees and a range of awards will be given for outstanding presentations.

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