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We are Team B.A.M. We are participants in Robocup Junior Rescue Line League. We designed a robot that would have to traverse a field with obstacles and green turn signals, ending up at an evacuation room, where the robot would have to rescue plastic balls, representing victims. We have two DC motors with Hall Effect sensors for encoders. We also have two servo motors, controlling the camera and the victim collection mechanism. We used an Arduino and a Raspberry Pi to control our robot. The Pi was responsible for taking data from a camera and sending commands to the Arduino, which was in control of the motors. We used a PID algorithm for our line tracking. The algorithm finds an error from the position of the line read by an IR light sensor array. From this it uses mathematical functions to determine how the robot should correct its movement. Our camera detects the green signals and the Pi sends commands to turn to the Arduino. Our ultrasonic sensor detects the obstacle and the robot moves around it. Our camera also detects the silver tape and uses the camera to find the victims and tells the Arduino to grab them.


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About this virtual event

Virtual Presentation Event

RCJ Rescue would like to hold a virtual presentation event to have some conclusion to the 2020 RoboCupJunior year for rescue Line and rescue Maze. The idea of this virtual event is to have a formal opportunity for teams present their excellent work within the RCJ rescue community in a condensed form, and to have some sense of closure to the year.

Participating teams will create a video about their progress and work, which will be made available for other teams to host discussions and gain inspiration for the future.

While awards cannot be issued by the RoboCup Federation, teams participating will be recognised by the RCJ Rescue TC/OC committees and a range of awards will be given for outstanding presentations.

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