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RoboCupJunior 2021

Rescue Simulation(CoSpace) League

At RoboCup2021, we will be hosting a virtual competition of the Rescue Simulation(CoSpace). Only teams that pass the qualification in their each region will be able to participate in RoboCup 2021.

The competition will be organised by the CoSpaceRobot team, similar to the competition at RCAP 2020.

RoboCup2021 Junior Rescue Simulation(CoSpace)

Final Challenges

After careful review of TDP, video presentation, interview, and preliminary challenge result, all teams had forwarded to the next stages. The Final Challenge will be on 24 June 2021 from 09:00 – 14:00 (GMT) in the zoom room.

Teams entering stage 2 (Top 8 teams) will have an additional Q&A session with the CoSpace OCs to share their strategies used for the Final Challenge.

  • 09:00 (GMT) – Zoom Room open
  • 09:45 (GMT) – Final challenge map release
  • 14:00 (GMT) – End of code submission

The Final Challenges will be arranged in the following format:

  • Stage 1: Round Robin
  • Stage 2: Quarter-Final
  • Stage 3: Semi-Final
  • Stage 4: Final

Results of each stage will be released in due course.


Live Finals

Rescue Simulation(CoSpace)


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