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RoboCup2021 Junior Rescue Line


Congratulations! We have selected the following five teams as finalists.

The finalists will have an additional Q&A session with the TC on the June 26th and 27th to determine their final ranking.

RoboCupJunior 2021

Rescue Maze League

At RoboCup2021, we will be hosting a virtual competition of the Rescue Maze. Only teams that pass the qualification in their each region will be able to participate in RoboCup 2021.

The main event for the 2021 competition will be through a live session to show off your robots on the progress, innovation, and quality against the 2021 rules. Each team will have live presentations to a panel of interviewers followed by a Q&A session and a demonstration of your robot if feasible.

One of the highlights of an international competition is a SuperTeam event where teams from different countries collaborate. We will run SuperTeams with modifications to assess the performance of each pair to match the remote competition environment.

We invite ALL Rescue Maze teams to partake in a simulation challenge. This is optional and will not be part of the “scoring” of the Maze competition.

Rescue Maze


Rescue Maze

Main Event

Teams will have to take part in the following four tasks.

To get an idea of how these will be assessed, you can check the rubrics.


Pre-recorded video

 Field Designs


 TDP Template

Live presentation


Rescue Maze

Super Teams

Each team will be paired up to do a superteam challenge lasting over a few days. Relevant prerequisites and information will be presented closer to the competition.

Rescue Maze


The simulation competition (Maze Simulation) uses the New Simulation (Demonstration) ruleset and platform (Erebus).

In order to keep the competition structure simpler, the following elements will be removed from the original New Simulation (Demonstration) rules.

  • Area 2 (Half wall)
  • Area 3 (Curve wall)
  • Hazard maps

Simulation Platform

This is a newly developed simulator based on Webots for RoboCupJunior Rescue. You can find some tutorials here.

 Platform website
Official Rules

The simulation competition basically follows the rules of New Simulation (Demonstration), but with some changes as indicated above.

 Official Rules
Practice Worlds

We are providing practice world files that can be used in Erebus.

 Practice Worlds

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