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RoboCup2021 Junior Rescue New Simulation


Congratulations! We have selected the following four teams as finalists.

The higher score of the two games, Round1 and Round2, was used to determine the finalists. The final round will be live-streamed on June 27th. The details will be announced later on this page.

 Live Finals

RoboCup2021 Junior Rescue New Simulation


Congratulations! The rankings were determined by the score of the best of the first and second rounds plus the final round.

 Award list

RoboCup2021 Junior Rescue New Simulation

Game Results

Round 1
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Round 2
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RoboCup2021 Junior Rescue

New Simulation(Demonstration) League

At RoboCup2021, we will be organising a demonstration competition of the New Simulation, with opportunities for all teams aged 19 and under as of 1 July 2021, but if you have already been qualified to take part in RoboCup2021 in another league/sub-league, you cannot duplicate your participation. Before register to the RoboCup2021, we will ask you to submit a short TDP, screen recording and source code for qualification. Only the teams that pass the qualification will be allowed to participate in RoboCup2021.

At a high level, each team will be evaluated by their current progress and potential improvements until the competition. Based on the submission items, teams will be ranked. From the top to bottom, a team from each country will be selected. Until the number of teams exceeds the maximum capacity, this process is continued. The remaining teams will be on the waiting list.

 Qualification guideline

New Simulation(Demonstration)



Important dates

Registration deadline
Submission deadline
Qualification results


Submission Items


Please submit all controller programs used, a custom robot json file(if used), and a simple document containing the programming environment (language versions + library versions).


You will be asked to submit a TDP (Team Descpription Papaer), prepared according to the template. Please refer to the Qualification Guideline for the expectations and assessment criteria.

Download TDP Template

Screen recording

Screen recording of one run of your simulated robot on a provided field.

 Qualification World Recording Guide

RoboCup2021 Junior Rescue New Simulation


Simulation Platform

This is a newly developed simulator based on Webots for RoboCupJunior Rescue. You can find some tutorials here.

 Platform website
Official Rules

The rules of this competition are available on the official website of RoboCupJunior.

 Official Rules
Practice Worlds

We are providing practice world files that can be used in Erebus.

 Practice Worlds

RoboCup2021 Junior Rescue New Simulation

Qualification Registration

STEP1: Subscribe Newsletter

Please consider subscribing to our newsletter to receive the latest information about RCJ Rescue events. In addition to the information about this demonstration competition, we also provide you with updates to the Line and Maze.

 Subscribe Our Newsletter
STEP2: Complete the form

If you wish to be qualified for RoboCup2021, please fill in the following form. It is one entry per team. Deadline: May-16-2021 23:59:59 UTC

Each team must satisfy the  General RoboCupJunior Rules regarding team size and age restrictions.

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