RoboCupJunior 2021 Rescue

Live Finals

On this page, you can watch the live streaming of the finals of New Simulation (Demonstration) and Line Simulation Challenge on June 27th.


Streaming will start at 13:00 (UTC) on June 27th.

  • 13:00(UTC): Opening
  • 13:01(UTC): Explanation of the rules of Rescue New Simulation(Demonstration)
  • 13:09(UTC): Summary of the preliminary rounds
  • 13:12(UTC): Final round worlds revealed
  • 13:14(UTC): New Simulation(Demonstration) game start
  • 13:41(UTC): New Simulation(Demonstration) game results(ranking)
  • 13:44(UTC): Line Simulation Challenge game start
  • 13:57(UTC): Line Simulation Challenge game results(ranking)

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