Simulation Demonstration Competition

Message from the Committee

Thank you to everyone that took part and participated in the competition. It was wonderful to see participation from a wide variety of countries and regions, and although this was online it was certainly an International competition. This competition and the new simulation initiative is aimed to provide a simulation platform where students can learn programming and algorithms used in robotics, compete in events such as this, and share amongst teams to improve each other’s skills. We hope the event was enjoyable.

The live event and all of the recorded runs can be viewed from this page. It is an excellent opportunity for teams to have a look at them and see how to improve.

While this event is over, we intend to continue this initiative for a demonstration competition planned in the 2021 Bordeaux internationals. Further announcements will be made on the RCJ Forum, Erebus discord, and through the RCJ Rescue News Letter. Stay tuned!

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Award list

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