Virtual Presentation Event 2020

Message from the Committee

Each team have learned a lot and worked hard for preparing robots for the 2019-20 RoboCup Year. Although it is a shame that competitions could not take place to show off your robots, we are very happy to see your efforts come together in this way. And we hope that every team has found closure to this year and continue to move forward with amazing innovations and ideas.

This page is a collection of all of videos submitted by RoboCuppers from all over the world! We hope the videos can provide inspiration for future work and for those submitted them a record of your work. There is a lot to learn from each video!

Please check the discussion sections on each video page. Don't hesitate to exchange your ideas or comment them, and add a reaction if you think it's a good presentation!

Virtual Presentation Event 2020 - All presentations

Rescue Line

Team Gewinner Line Junior 

Keywords: Gewinner, Colégio Sinodal, OBR, robótica

Robotica 2.0 Line Junior 

Keywords: Robocup, robots, arduino

Team Incredible SpaceDragon Robot Development Line Open

Keywords: Design, Line Following, Terminal, PID, claw, Follow the Wall, Rescue kit, Code



RCJ Rescue Line 2020: Final Submission (Team M.A.T.H.) - Presentation Line Open  

Keywords: M.A.T.H., RCJ 2020, Rescue Line, Making Amazing Things Happen, Robotics, Pranav Sitaraman, Abhijay Edavalapati, Etaash Mathamsetty, Final Submission, Documentation

PC Protocol Presentation Line Junior 

Keywords: Hardware, Software, Motors, Sensors, Flowcharts, Maneuvering,

RCJ Rescue Virtual Event Line Junior

Keywords: Arduino, ultrasonic, Mumblebee

Monster High team presentation video for Robocup junior 2020 Line Junior 

Keywords: Robotics, Team work , LEGO , Scientific Olympics , Robocup Junior,

Equipe Talento - The Climb Line Junior 

Keywords: Robotics, Talento Metrópole, strategies, hurdles, overcomings

Final RCJ Presentation Line Open  

Keywords: Hardware, Software, Journals, Line Tracing, Gaps, Obstacles, Intersections

Iron Giants Line Open  

Keywords: Line tracing, PID, Calibration, implementation, semicircle, green, gaps, claw, obstacle, intersections, trigonometry, cooking, detection

Školska Knjiga CRO Team
 Best Hardware Innovation Award
Line Junior 

Keywords: Rescue Line, Sydney, France, new robot, wires, sensors, line following, evacuation zone, ramp, victims, 3D printed, silicone servo, obstacles, microcontroller, PCB, battery, camera, lidar, IR, compass, color sensor, display, Visual Studio, Arduino, PID

SESI Fran Robot's Team Line Junior

Keywords: Arduino, Robot, 3D Project, Printed Circuit Board, I2C, Socio-emotional Skills

Team N.E.R.D. - 2020 RCJ Rescue Line Documentation Video
 Best Presentation Award
 Best Overall Award
Line Junior 

Keywords: Line following, Python, Computer Vision, Cameras, Raspberry Pi, MegaPi, C++, Numpy, CV2, InRange, Blur, Grayscale, Serial Communication, Ultrasonic Sensor, IMU, Motor Control, Green Square, Obstacle, Contours, Frame, Relative Positioning, Line, Evacuation Room, Integration, Development Cycle

Our Journey Through RCJ Line Junior 

Keywords: Proportional, Integral, Derivative, Error, Setpoints, Target, Counter, variable, ultrasonic, ratios, ultrasonic

RoboCup Final Line Junior 

Keywords: PID, Inner Motor and Outer Motor ratio for obstacle, Comparing colors with raw RGB, Obstacle, Avoidance

Robô Brain - RoboCUP 2020 Line Junior

Keywords: Brain, Robotic, Colégio Objetivo, School Objetivo, Robocup, Brasil, Brazil, RCJ Rescue Line, OBR.

Robocup Junior Presentation(Line) Line Junior 

Keywords: Robocup Junior, Line challenge

Team Storm 2020 Presentation Line Junior 

Keywords: Planning and Requirement Analysis, Design, Implementation, Testing, and Problems and Solutions

Quarks Evolution Line Junior 

Keywords: SESIQuarks, Arduino, Sensors, robot, programming, rescue, Robocup, OBR

RoboCupJUNIOR Rescue 2020- Equipe PEGASUS Line Junior 

Keywords: Robô, Paraíba, OBR, Vítimas, Estadual, Regional

Alt f4 Computer Vision RoboCupJunior Rescue 2020 Presentation Event Line Junior 

Keywords: cameras, OpenCV, RaspberryPi, MegaPi, OSEPP, preprocessing, masking, reliability, efficiency, robust, PID

Robotron - RoboCupJunior Rescue Virtual Presentation Event 2020 Line Junior 

Keywords: Learnings, Experiences, Challenges, Laborious, Simple, Brazil, Robotics, Arduino, Robotron, Line follower

Robotwins 2020 - Robocup team presentation Line Junior 

Keywords: robocup , robotwins , 3dprinted , diy , rescue line , raspberry

 Best Team Spirit Award
Line Junior

Keywords: Robeco, Uruguay, Robocup Francia 2020, Robot, Junior Rescue Line

Dragon Steel RoboCup 2020 Line Open  

Keywords: RoboCup, Robot


Keywords: Robota, Argentina, IITA, RCJ

SESI RED HAMMER - RCJ Rescue 2020 Presentation Event Line Junior

Keywords: robot, RCJ Rescue 2020, OBR, RED HAMMER

SESI ROBOBIO - SÃO PAULO - BRAZIL - RoboCupJunior Rescue 2020 Line Junior 

Keywords: SESI, ROBOBIO, Robocup , Rescue , components, construction , matrix, claw

RoboCupJunior Rescue Line: Alpha Team Presentation Line Junior 

Keywords: RCJ Rescue Line, Line Tracing, Obstacle Avoidance, Alpha Team, Evac Zone


Keywords: PID, Rescue area strategy, robot traction

KID-PANDA Robocup junior rescue line 2020 Line Junior

Keywords: Robotic, programing, robocup, rescue

Kobe Bryant Rescue Line Junior Line Junior 

Keywords: Team Kobe Bryant, efficient in evac zone, complete any steepness of turns, can complete any kind of line tracing, PID, proportions, works under any lighting conditions, as sensors adjust in program, stops at silver.

RoboCupJunior Rescue 2020 presentation event - Team 100MEDO Line Open

Keywords: RoboCup, OBR, competition, journey, Pao de Queijo, 100Medo

Robo Sapiens Line Open  

Keywords: Overview, Process of development, what are we going to use?, Applying this to line tracing, applying this to color, applying this to obstacle, how are we going to go around in a circle?, future directions.

RoboCup 2020 Rescue line, Skytech Line Junior

Keywords: Robot, Automatic robot, 3d model, 3d printer, Devices, Clow, Sensors, Arduino, Push button, Line, Obstacle, Victim, Freecad, Fritzing, Repetier host, Programming


Keywords: Robocup, Rescue, Snutgir, Line follower

RoboRampage's Rescue Line 2020 Line Open

Keywords: Robotics, PID, Obstacle Avoidance, Intersections, Our process

RCJ Presentation Event (Open category) - robotics X Line Open

Keywords: Rescue Line, Mechatronics, Strategy, Lego mindstorms, Line tracing,

Team B.A.M. Rescue Line Line Open  

Keywords: Arduino, Raspberry Pi, PID, Robocup Junior Rescue Line, PiCamera

Introduction to the RCJ Scoring System LineMaze Committee 

Keywords: RCJ Scoring System, Organization, RoboCup, Scoring, Ranking, Scoresheet genetate, Digital Signage

Virtual Presentation Event 2020 - All presentations

Rescue Maze

robot overview and the method of color recognition for the new rule Maze Junior

Keywords: team introduction, robot overview, OCR, color recognition

Development of a Rescue Maze Entry Robot in 2020 Maze Junior 

Keywords: Rescue Maze Entry, RoboCup, Mapping, Felix, Nils, Problems, Alignment, Hardware

The Magic of Minecraft in the Rescue Maze Maze Junior 

Keywords: Minecraft, debugging, Rescue Maze

The Movement Of Our Robot Maze Junior

Keywords: 4WD, Turntable, OpenMV, Shortest path

Gebruder Weiss CRO team Maze Junior

Keywords: robot, robocup, video, maze

Our journey as ROUbotic Team Maze Junior

Keywords: Camera, OpenCV, Arduino, Raspberry

Defenders - RoboCUP 2020
 Best Team Spirit Award
Maze Junior 

Keywords: RoboCUP, Robótica de Competição, Colégio Objetivo, São Paulo, Brazil

Raptor-B - Virtual Presentation Maze Junior 

Keywords: rescue, maze, robocup, raptor, raptorb, sacramentinas, conquista, bahia, brazil

Team MK
 Best Strategy and Software Innovation Award
Maze Junior 

Keywords: Junior Rescue Maze, Lidar, New version

2014 Kacyofugetsu Presentation Maze Open

Keywords: Maze, How to Slove the maze

RCJ Maze Open 2020 Presentation: Team Friends Maze Junior 

Keywords: StereoPi, MeMegaPi, MakeBlock, Osepp, Breadth First Search, Arduino, Serial Communication, I2C, Adafruit, Localization, PID-Control, OpenCV, 3D-Printing

Introduction to the RCJ Scoring System LineMaze Committee 

Keywords: RCJ Scoring System, Organization, RoboCup, Scoring, Ranking, Scoresheet genetate, Digital Signage

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